Anecdots and Learnings from my PM life

Almost eleven years ago I started my own business as a project management consultant. I was 54 and quitted a well-paid job in a similar role. Why? After scanning my professional network and ready to jump into a calculated risk I needed a change. The project was probably one of my most successful ones. Lucky? Unexplored roads don’t always provide maps but they sure need preparation. Applied risk management and most energy on connecting with my network paid off.

Learnings? In projects, put your effort on connect to people and don’t forget the risks.

A short bonus story

During a recruitment interview together with three colleagues somewhere in South East Asia my Spanish colleague suddenly addressed my American colleague in a classic broken Spanish-English; “I think you need to improve your English”. He was dammed serious and this came completely out of the blue. After this blast our team relation was never the same!

Learnings? In projects please be prepared for everything!